WW14: Tourbillon RM 57-01 Phoenix and Dragon Jackie Chan

WW14: Tourbillon RM 57-01 Phoenix and Dragon Jackie Chan

Richard Mille releases a jewelry creation in the form of a new tourbillon, the RM 57-01 Phoenix and Dragon-Jackie Chan.

The Phoenix, a supernatural bird, was commonly referred to as the ‘King of Birds’ embodying the five virtues of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and sincerity as well as being symbolic for the Empress. It was known never to harm either a single insect nor blade of grass, eating and drinking nothing but bamboo seeds and sweet spring water. The dragon has always appeared in a magical variety of forms; long or short bodied, small or gigantic in size. Its nature could be both secretive yet active, and it inhabited all areas of the universe from the heights above to the depths below. Since they were able to travel between the skies and earth, dragons were considered the mounts of heavenly deities.

The Phoenix and Dragon are two of the ‘Four Supernatural Spirits’; therefore it is believed that seeing a Phoenix and Dragon together is symbolic for great fortuitousness and luck.

Created from 3N rose gold, these legendary figures inhabiting the interior of the movement are carved and incised entirely by hand. Special miniature tools needed to be made for the specific artistry required in the physical realization of these two creatures. To increase the realism of these special animals, a long and painstaking process of hand finished micro painting was executed, also including the unseen parts of these two marvelous entities.

The entire movement follows all the philosophies of Richard Mille with its baseplate of PVD treated titanium, double winding barrels and a power reserve of 48 hours, indicated by a red line between 10 and 11 o’clock. The movement is given extra protection by a torque-limiting crown to protect the watch from possible overwinding.

The RM 57-01 Phoenix and Dragon will be available in a strictly limited edition of 15 pieces in 18K white or red gold.

Richard Mille RM 57-01 Phoenix and Dragon - Jackie Chan: power balance

By Vincent DaveauContributor
This jewelry and horology creation gives Richard Mille the opportunity to show how well it masters technology while always being a step ahead in creation and...