Richard Mille

The exterior issues of comfort offered by the ergonomic design approach and visually striking lines are important; yet they represent only the beginning of a long process in the creation of a timepiece. The interior of the watch, the entire movement, right down to seemingly inconsequential details of the shape and finish of screws, the architectural way the interior space of the case is utilized for the movement layout (which must also be a work of art on its own) is an aspect of equal importance to me.

This is perhaps the essential heart of his approach – a view of watchmaking in which every detail in a timepiece is of crucial importance and easy solutions are not part of the working vocabulary. It is only when a complete unity of approach has been planned and executed in this manner that one can attempt to define and achieve perfection. These are core principles that define every timepiece within the Richard Mille collection.

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Richard Mille Racing Team Set To Step Up In 2021

New season, new challenges for the Richard Mille Racing Team! After a promising rookie campaign that earned them a top-10 spot in the European Le Mans Series, the all-female trio sponsored by the watch manufacture will now take on the FIA World Endurance Championship.

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