Only Watch 2013: Richard Mille Donates The Yohan Blake Tourbillon Prototype For The Only Watch Charity Auction

Only Watch 2013: Richard Mille Donates The Yohan Blake Tourbillon Prototype For The Only Watch Charity Auction

On 28th September, Richard Mille will donate a unique piece to Only Watch, the Yohan Blake Tourbillon Prototype, for the 5th edition of this exceptional charity auction held in Monaco. The proceeds from the auction will be for the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy.

The watch being donated is the Yohan Blake Tourbillon Prototype which Yohan Blake wore at the 2012 London Olympic Games where he won three medals and also at the Diamond League in Lausanne where he also won the 100m and became the third fastest sprinter of all time over this distance, beating his personal best.

«This prototype, which was worn by Yohan Blake during the London Olympic Games, created an enormous amount of media attention. It is a unique piece based upon the RM 038 but adapted to Yohan Blake’s specifications. This watch has experienced the joy of the podium and shared the spotlight with the gold and silver medals won by Yohan. It is truly a piece of historic importance» said Richard Mille.

This Tourbillon Prototype in the colours of the Jamaican flag features a green flange and crown, yellow minute-markers and a yellow Velcro® strap that contrasts with the all white case. This caliber with 19 jewels and beating at 3Hz, has its baseplate, bridges and balance cock made of grade 5 titanium.

The case of this prototype is made of an extremely rugged and light alloy called magnesium WE 54, one of the lightest metals used in construction and has excellent property retention capacities at elevated temperatures.

After a long and delicate machining phase, theses alloys are given a new electro-plasma oxidation treatment called Miarox®, improving both the durability and scratch resistance of this alloy as well as its wear and corrosion properties.

By placing a tourbillon watch on Yohan Blake’s wrist during the Olympic Games- a first in the history of sprinting- the brand was able to test the resilience of this exceptional and unique piece in extreme conditions, assessing its performance and comfort when faced with typical racing constraints.

The Richard Mille brand has been a dedicated and unwavering supporter of Only Watch since its creation and chose to donate on this occasion a unique piece full of history which accompanied the great champion in 2012.

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